What am I doing?

First let me tell say — this is not a how-to on dating, this will not help you find the love of your life, or your future ex-husband. This is purely for fun! My only hope is that you read this and laugh, or smile, roll your eyes — something.

I wanted a place to record my dating adventures in my city of Oakland, Ca. I’ve lived in Oakland for the last few years and I’ve dated a couple men, but I find myself single again, and I thought maybe I should record my next venture into the dating world; for my therapy, and your entertainment.

I can’t lie though — I’m nervous! I don’t know how this will work. Sharing embarrassing dating stories for others to critique — online? Eek! I don’t know the dating culture of the Bay Area, so I can’t predict what I’m in for. But I’m committed to go out in the Oakland dating scene, and report back everything I find.

Since I’m super single — like extra single, I thought the first post could be an Oakland speed dating adventure. Plus my friend has been asking me to go to one with her for months.  It’s tomorrow night — so now  — what to wear?? Wish me Luck!

Although my stories will be true, I may not always use real names.

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